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3D-Scanning für Automotive


3D scanning in automotive engineering

3D scanning helps to stand out in the highly competitive automotive industry. Lower development costs, distinctive design and strict quality controls are important factors influencing automobile manufacturers' goals. 

We offer professional and comprehensive 3D solutions for the highest quality in automotive engineering. Our advanced 3D scanners capture the surface of workpieces easily, quickly and with great precision. This helps with reverse engineering, for example, and significantly shortens the product development cycle.


quality control

In the area of quality control, 3D hand scanners from Scantech are used for target/actual comparisons.

The evaluation software supplied free of charge enables both a comparison of any points on the component surface against the CAD model, as well as the metrological evaluation of distances, diameters or shape and position tolerances.
If the requirements increase or partial automation makes sense, we recomment VERISURF . Verisurf is an innovative analysis and measurement technology software.


assembly test

The assembly of components and assemblies can be simulated using professional, external 3D software. 3D models can be created with Scantech scanners. Problems can thus be identified and rectified in advance.


reverse engineering

3D scanners are capable of capturing very high-resolution 3D data from any surface. This helps in the design of components, which can significantly reduce the development time. The accuracies that can be achieved here are up to 0.01 mm.

recommended 3D scanners

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