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3D-Scanning in der Luftfahrt


Why 3D scanning is important for aerospace:

In aircraft construction, 3D scanning verification is used extensively in development, design, manufacturing, assembly and quality control  deployed. 3D scanning is also becoming increasingly important for maintenance and repairs during aircraft operation, as these processes can achieve unprecedented efficiency .


Mobile measurement technology

The mobile scanners can be used exactly where they are needed, for example to decide when installed whether a component needs to be replaced or not. A wear analysis can thus be carried out effectively using 3D laser scanning.

In contrast to tactile measurement technology, large amounts of points can be recorded and evaluated in the shortest possible time with 3D scanners. This is particularly advantageous for free-form surfaces such as turbine blades or the outer surfaces of aircraft.

Such measurements have the further advantage that they can be carried out without contact and therefore no mechanical damage can occur to the sensitive surfaces.

recommended 3D scanners

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