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NEW: PAM M and PAM S - Now even more flexible

We are proud to expand our PAM product family at the Control 23 trade fair. With the PAM S, we now offer an cost-effective entry-level solution in the world of automated measurement technology. The PAM M continues to impress with its flexible automation without compromises.

PAM S and PAM M from IBS Quality
PAM S and PAM M - automation more flexible than ever

This is PAM - the background

Why do we actually automate? The answer to this question is actually simple. The main reason is to achieve maximum output with given resources - economic action according to the maximum principle. Efficient action is essential, especially in measurement technology and quality control, because skilled workers are difficult to find and time pressure is omnipresent.

This is PAM - how it works

PAM stands for Portable Automated Measuring system". With the PAM we automate 3D laser scanners with the help of a cobot. The entire system can easily be programmed offline via a digital twin. Even the analysis software can be integrated directly.

Some facts about the PAM:

  • 3D laser scanner (accuracy: 20 μm)

  • portable

  • intelligent offline programming

  • CE certificate


The PAM S is the entry-level solution in the world of automated measurement technology. Our goal is to offer the customer an attractively priced automation solution.

  • 3D scanner: SIMSCAN 22

  • Cobot: Elite CS66

  • CE certificate

  • Offline programming

PAM S from IBS Quality
The PAM S - the ideal entry into the world of automated measurement technology


The PAM M is the turnkey solution for automation without compromise. The aim is to offer the customer maximum flexibility and accuracy.

  • 3D scanner: SIMSCAN 30

  • Cobot: Universal UR5e

  • integrated turntable

  • CE certificate

  • Offline programming

  • Analysis software included

PAM M from IBS Quality
PAM M - automated measurement technology without compromise

We look forward to demonstrating the system to you or providing you with further information. Feel free to contact us.

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