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TrackScan Sharp - Tracking on a new level

A few days ago, Scantech presented their new scanning system called TrackScan Sharp. Read here what makes the TrackScan Sharp so special.

TrackScan Sharp
The new TrackScan Sharp from Scantech

Over the years, two technologies have proven their worth for 3D laser scanning - marker technology and tracking technology.

With marker technology, markers form a reference, which allows the 3D scanner to orientate itself.

SIMSCAN 3D scanner scanning
In the foreground you can see the markers that form the reference. In this case, they are magnetic markers.

The tracking technology, on the other hand, uses a separate tracker that tracks the 3D scanner. The markers are located on the 3D scanner.

Buy TrackScan Sharp from Scantech
The tracker can be seen in the foreground. You can see the markers on the 3D scanner.

Advantages of tracking technology:

  1. No additional markers are needed. This saves time because there is no sticking and removing of the markers.

  2. Everything within the scanning field can be scanned as long as there is line of sight between the tracker and the scanner.

  3. Large objects can be scanned faster and more efficiently because no markers need to be sticked on.

Disadvantages of tracking technology:

  1. The calibration is much more complex than with a 3D scanner with marker technology, since both the tracker and the 3D scanner have to be calibrated individually.

  2. The 3D scanner is much larger because the markers are mounted on top of the 3D scanner. This means that very narrow component areas can no longer be scanned.

TrackScan Sharp - the special features

1) Doubling the tracking volume

The TrackScan Sharp's tracking volume has more than doubled compared to its predecessor. This allows much larger objects to be scanned. The maximum distance from the tracker is now 6m. These values are unique in the world of tracking systems. Two or three trackers are required to cover this volume with other systems. Thanks to the larger scanning field, you save money. Even a car fits into the tracking volume of one tracker.

TrackScan Sharp from Scantech, tracking field
More than twice the tracking field of the TrackScan Sharp.
TrackScan Sharp from Scantech, distance from scanner
Up to 6m distance from the tracker possible.

2) New 25 megapixel camera

Compared to its predecessor (5MP), the number of megapixels has increased fivefold. This makes the 3D scanner even more resistant to gloss. Even chrome rims can be scanned without any problems. The 25MP camera also contributes to high-quality 3D data even at a distance of 6m.

New 25MP camera, TrackScan Sharp
Improved scanning performance due to the new 25MP camera.

3) Pre-computation already in the tracker

The recorded images are already pre-computed in the tracker with the new TrackScan Sharp. The new tracker is called i-Tracker. The processor built into the i-Tracker processes the images and optimizes them for further data processing. This protects the computing power of the PC and the PC can use the entire computing power to process the 3D data. This means that more 3D data can be processed in an even shorter time.

Scantech i-Tracker
The pre-calculation already takes place in the tracker. This saves the computing power of the PC.

4) An even higher accuracy

The accuracy of the TrackScan Sharp is still at the highest level despite the larger trackin volume. It is ideal for quality control of large components.

Accuracy TrackScan Sharp
High accuracy despite impressive tracking volume.

5) Addition of T-Probe

Some component areas simply cannot be reached optically or optical measurement is more complex than tactile measurement. That's why the TrackScan Sharp can be expanded with the T-Probe to include a tactile probe. Optical and tactile quality control combined in one device.

Scantech T-Probe
T-Probe as a tactile supplement to the TrackScan Sharp


Interested in a demo of the TrackScan Sharp? Feel free to contact us and we will arrange an appointment together.

Your personal contact:

Philipp Schmid

IBS Quality GmbH

An den Eckwiesen 10

73441 Bopfingen


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