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Stable aluminum turntable


A 3D scanner for tens of thousands but a turntable made of the cheapest plastic? That doesn't add up. Therefore, with our stable aluminum turntable, we offer an alternative that is on a par with your 3D scanner in terms of quality. 


As we have found in many tests, the stable attachment of markers is essential to get the maximum accuracy out of your 3D scanner. With our Turntable 450 we offer a stable and comfortable way to fix the markers securely.


Diameter: 450mm


Thanks to the supplied three towers  and pyramids, you can quickly build a suitable reference for your component. This guarantees smooth 3D scanning and exact measurement results. 


The glossy black surface is difficult to detect by many 3D scanners. This will save you time later when post-processing the data. 


The quality of the accessories should not be underestimated either!



Turntable 450

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • The delivery time is about 2 weeks.

  • You can always buy additional towers or pyramids.

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