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3D scanning without markers

TrackScan Sharp

3D-Scan eines Q8 e-tron

Welliger abstrakter Hintergrund

TrackScan Sharp

unreached performance

TrackScan Sharp scannt ein großes metallisches rundes Bauteil

Sharp results.

TrackScan Sharp

Metal, Shiny, Black

TrackScan Sharp bei IBS Quality scannt mehrere Automotive Bauteile zur Qualitätssicherung

Quality control

Der TrackScan macht einen 3D-Scan einer Autotür zur Qualitätssicherung, bei IBS Quality in Deutschland kaufen


TrackScan P und TrackScan Sharp von Scantech bei IBS Quality kaufen, Masterreseller für Scantech in Deutschland

25 MP camera

TrackScan Sharp

For best 3D data

Reverse Engineering mit dem 3D-Scanner TrackScan Sharp von IBS Quality

Reverse Engineering

To create CAD data from real objects, 3D scanners and the appropriate reverse engineering software can be an enormous relief. We offer the appropriate hardware and software.

Qualitätskontrolle mit dem 3D-Scanner TrackScan Sharp von Scantech verkauft durch IBS Quality in Deutschland

Quality Control

Quality control with 3D data offers a number of advantages. For example, the actual data set can be compared with the nominal data set (CAD). You receive meaningful measurement results in just a few minutes.

TrackScan Sharp von Scantech

TrackScan Sharp

TrackScan Sharp 3D-Scanner für die Automotive Industrie

3D scanning

The 3D scanner captures highly accurate 3D data at high speed.

T-Probe des TrackScan Sharp im Einsatz

Tactile measurement

A probe can be very useful for component areas that are difficult to reach. The probe is recognized by the i-Tracker.

TrackScan Sharp Scanningbereich und Genauigkeit

Large measuring volume

Thanks to a measuring field of 49m³, a car can be measured with one tracker. For even larger objects, several trackers can be combined.

TrackScan Sharp großes Messvolumen bei IBS Quality

6m maximum distance

Even at a distance of 6m from the tracker, 3D data can still be recorded.

TrackScan brochure

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Learn everything you need to know about the TrackScan. Including recommended computer configuration, technical data, accessories and much more.

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