PAM System 3D-Scanning Solution



The growing requirements for process monitoring and quality assurance gave rise to the idea of de-veloping an automized mobile measuring solution: The PAM system (PAM - Portable Automated Measuring System), consisting of a 3d scanner combined with a robot and intuitive software. The PAM System is used in prototyping as well as in series production. Due to its versatility, it can be used for quality assurance, process analysis, functional testing, data feedback and documentation. High performance is guaranteed by flexible, cost-effective and individual usage options. The PAM system can also be used by employees without special measurement training. From conception to design, manufacturing and programming to implementation and process support, we offer our customers a cost-effective and practicable overall solution.

Offline Programming of PAM System

Easy Offline Programming

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The PAM system can be programmed offline using software developed specifically for this purpose. Robot, 3D Scanner and the Verisurf analysis software can be controlled with one software. The Offline Programming is powered by Nexus 4.0, a software of Eleven Dynamics.

PAM System Analysis with Verisurf

Powerful Analysis with Verisurf


With Verisurf, you can analyze point clouds and .stl data in an easy, repeatable and partially automated process and present them in attractive reports.

Why to choose the PAM SYSTEM

  • cost saving 

  • flexible

  • universally usable

  • easy to work with

  • repeatable measurements with high accuracy

  • mobile

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Technical Data

Measuring volume: 500 mm x 500 mm x 500 mm

Volumetric accuracy: 0.020 mm + 0.035 mm/m

Resolution: 0.025 mm

Laser class: Class II (safe for the eyes)

Payload turning table: Max. 50 kg

Software: Offline programming developed for PAM SYSTEM, Verisurf for analysis

Optional services by IBS Quality: training, programming, fixtures, accessories