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3D-Scanning im Gesundheitswesen


Metrological solutions for the healthcare sector

3D scanning technology is becoming increasingly important in the development of medical devices, in the field of biotechnology, orthopedics, dental reconstruction, etc..

prosthesis construction

Scantech's 3D scanners offer optimal possibilities for body scanning by capturing the exact dimensions, the surface texture and color. In this way, for example, prosthesis models can be created that are optimally adapted to the patient.


The body scanning function enables posture to be documented. With a 3D scan at the beginning and end of the treatment, you can graphically record improvements. In addition, the 3D scan allows the physician to take a simplified medical history. Even without the patient being on site, the attending physician/orthopaedist/physiotherapist has access to exact 3D data of the entire body.


3D data is extremely useful for reconstruction. For example, after burns, a body scan could show the texture and color of the remaining skin and the new artificial skin could be adapted on this basis. 

recommended 3D scanners

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