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KSCAN series

the allrounder among 3D scanners


The KSCAN20 is a professional 3D scanner with an enormously wide range of applications.  

Due to its built-in photogrammetry system, the component size is basically not a limitation. The built-in photogrammetry system significantly expands the scanning area to 2500 mm × 3000 mm and improves the volumetric precision up to 0.02 mm + 0.035 mm/m.


The KSCAN20 benefits from red and blue laser scan mode and delivers high efficiency with 650,000 measurements/s. It is possible to capture ultra-high details with a resolution of 10 μm and a precision of 0.020 mm.


The KSCAN 20 is ideally suited for metrological applications.



Excellent performance for scanning small and large parts

KSCAN Scantech 3D-Scanning: Für alle Größen

KSCAN Magic 

The KSCAN Magic impresses with its even faster and more accurate 3D scanning compared to the KSCAN20. It is very well suited for metrological fields of application.

Like every scanner in the KSCAN series, the KSCAN Magic has a built-in photogrammetry system. This significantly expands the scanning area  3760mm × 3150mm and improves volumetric precision up to 0.015mm + 0.030mm/m.


In addition to the photogrammetry system, the KSCAN Magic offers an innovative laser scanning system. With blue laser scan mode, the 3D scanner delivers high efficiency with 1,350,000 measurements/s. It is possible to capture ultra-high details with a resolution of 10 μm.



Excellent performance when scanning large parts



conventional 3D scanners

0.055 mm

1m length tolerance

0.120  mm

0.113  mm

5m length tolerance

0.520  mm


The KSCAN Magic II is the fastest and most accurate 3D scanner of the KSCAN series. This makes it ideal for measurement technology that places the highest demands on accuracy.  

Like the KSCAN Magic, the KSCAN Magic II scores with a built-in photogrammetry system and very good volumetric accuracy. 


Two additional laser lines and 1,650,000 measurements/s distinguish the KSCAN Magic II from the KSCAN Magic.


Technical specifications

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