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3D scanning of hard-to-reach areas with a high level of detail

The search for a suitable 3D scanner is often characterized by compromises. Ideally, the scanner should be able to scan both small components with a high level of detail and large components at high speed. Most of the time, the customer has to do without a feature partially or completely, because the 3D scanner is either not portable, the scanning area is too small, a sufficiently high resolution is not achieved or the scanning speed is uneconomical for large components.

Scantech offers the SIMSCAN, a 3D scanner that is

  • portable and handheld,

  • can cover a large scanning area,

  • achieves a high resolution and

  • can also scan large components efficiently.

SIMSCAN 3D-Scanner von Scantech bei IBS Quality GmbH


Detail scanning with the SIMSCAN

The SIMSCAN shows its strengths particularly in the case of highly detailed components. The scanner is barely larger than a smartphone and can capture recesses and details particularly well due to the small camera distance.

SIMSCAN und KSCAN 3D-Scanner: Detailscanning

The small camera distance enables the cameras to detect the laser lines projected onto the component even in recesses. Therefore, even hard-to-reach places can be scanned with the SIMSCAN.

The following example shows this feature in practice. The housings of electronic components are usually very difficult to scan because the plastic parts have many details, pins and recesses.

Scanning Elektronikbauteile mit dem SIMSCAN von Scantech. Kontakt: IBS Quality GmbH

.stl-Daten SIMSCAN 3D-Scanner von Scantech

The entire scanning of this component, including preparations (e.g. calibration), takes about 30 minutes. The high speed is mainly due to the fast scanning rate of 2,020,000 measurements per second. Should the project take longer, the SIMSCAN scores with its first-class handling. It is just 203 mm x 80 mm x 44 mm in size and with a weight of only 570g it is also very light.

See the scanner live?

You want to experience the 3D scanner on your use case? Please feel free to contact me. We will surely find a suitable date for an online demo or an on-site demo.

Philipp Schmid IBS Quality GmbH 3D-Scanning Experte

Feel free to contact me by mail or use our contact form in the footer of our website.

Philipp Schmid

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